Hen and Chickens Reef

August , 1990

We took Sherry's boat out to a shallow reef on the Pennekamp side which was called Hen and Chickens Reef. It had lots of soft coral in the sand and lots of fish, grunts being the most numerous.

It was a beautiful reef, so we decided to try to get Brenda down to see it. She had difficulty clearing her ears, but Sherry was finally able to get her down to the reef for her first scuba dive.

Once Brenda was down on the reef, she could cruise around and look at the coral and fish. Sherry keeps a watchful eye on her.

Brenda's first view of the reef included a number of schools of fish. It is neat to see how the grunts school under the soft coral below.

Cruising over the reef with Sherry gave Brenda a view of the abundance of soft coral and fish.

A blue tang joins the grunts among the coral. There are several varieties of coral here and a nice example of a sea fan.

The elegant blue tang highlights the soft coral scene.

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