Mt. Redoubt Construction

August 14, 1991

With the large load of lumber delivered to the front of the old church building, Jeff and Warren begin the process of cutting lengths for the wall construction.

Gene Allison was our architect and one of the primary planners of this trip. With the rain that dogged us for the first couple of days, he had time to analyze the plans.

We had large loads of lumber delivered to the front of the old church building and near the new construction site. We were setting up to cut and assemble the wall sections which would be placed atop the concrete block basement walls.

When we had breaks in the rain, we got started cutting material. Jeff and Warren are set up on the chop saw and Jo Allison helps carry wood to them.

Harry Espy and Mitch Crowley cut short 2x6's for the short wall. Across the road and through the trees is the Cook Inlet leading to Anchorage, and you are looking in the general direction of Mt. Redoubt.

It has finallly gotten dry enough to lay block, so the basement walls are underway. This is just beside the old church building, and the house in view behind the walls is pastor Roy Moore's house.

Jeff takes a look through the transit as the block laying proceeds. The block work went quickly and we were looking forward to starting to put up the walls we were constructing.

With the concrete block going up, Harry and Mitch keep at the task of cutting the wood for framing the walls above the block.

Views of the Cook Inlet and the church area

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