Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church Construction

Tuesday, August 20, 1991

Between times of going to look at the beautiful sunset last night, Mike Chenault had arrived about 10pm to set the 40 ft steel beam in place.

With the beam in place, we could proceed with the placement of the floor joists even if the concrete crew didn't get there. Mitch is up early and on the building, laying out floor joists.

The clear weather persisted and we got a nice view of Mt. Redoubt in the daylight.

Mt. Spur also put on a good show over the ship terminals to the north.

Tuesday's lunch was a happy one as we celebrated the progress we were making now that the weather had cleared for us a bit.

After lunch Warren, Harry and Jeff started moving two rows of floor joists toward the rear of the building.

Rod takes a turn at the chop saw cutting material for the floor system.

Warren nails in a floor joist as we move along with the floor structure.

To Wednesday, August 21

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