Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church Construction

Wednesday, August 21, 1991

Wednesday promised to be a busy day. It was Mitch's last day with us and we wanted to get as far as possible. Warren, Harry and Jeff continued with the floor joists while Mitch and Rod started the floor decking process from the front.

The back half of the slab was finally ready for pouring, so we would be working over the wet concrete. Tom, Pete and Bruce proceeded with the pouring of the slab.

Sue checks in with Warren, who is working on the floor joists. We had to be careful not to drop stuff into the concrete.

Jeff and Harry approach the rear of the building with the floor joists.

Mike Chenault came by to lift the stacks of floor decking up on our started deck to save us all the hand labor of lifting them up -- much appreciated!

He had to lift the two stacks high over the electric wire and lower them to the deck. Mitch guides the stack to the place we have set up for it.

Having finished the joist work as far as they can take it, Harry, Jeff and Warren now pitch in on the task of gluing down the flooring.

Having glued down the flooring, now Jeff is adding screws. Mitch laid out the two walls over the new slab on his last afternoon with us.

Thursday, August 22, 1991

Building the final walls at the back of the building on the new slab took most of the day.

In the late afternoon, Jeff and Harry are getting ready to put the back floor joists on the south side of the building.

To Friday, August 23

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