The Last Work Day at Mt Redoubt

August 24, 1991

Warren gets an early start with material for the upper walls on our final day of work.

Jeff working on the south wall.

Harry working on south wall assembly.

John Fant and Roy Moore work on assembling the north wall as a complete unit.

Roy Moore trims off the last bit of flooring to prepare for the raising of that wall.

Cliff Soares, Dick Weaver, John Fant and Harry Espy work on the north wall as the truck with the roof trusses and remaining wall material arrives.

Cliff Soares with his youngest son along with Dick Weaver work on the end of the north wall.

The whole crew prepares to raise the north wall. John Fant has brought short lengths of copper pipe which we use as rollers to move it to the edge.

The whole wall gets raised as a unit. Praise the Lord!

We worked our way around the building, but as we raised the back wall at about 3pm it started to rain. We continued on to raise the front wall in the rain.

Even in the rain, we wanted to get the walls capped to be ready for the trusses. Jeff rides the wall to nail down some of the wall caps.

It was a miserable task now because it was pouring down rain and cold. Jeff and Dan Cox worked on this part of the capping.

With all our rain gear on, we continued with the finishing steps of the wall studding. Harry and Cliff work on the side wall with Dick and Roy on the back wall. Warren and Rod did the cutting.

Working on in the pouring rain, Harry and Cliff finish up the capping on the side toward the old church. Rod was cutting the lengths of 2x6 out in the rain with a Skil saw and was thankful for a well-insulated saw.

Roy and Dick finishing up the back capping. I'm sure Roy would be more comfortable in his nice dry house that you can see at left, but he's up on the ladder in the rain.

Having brought the structure out of the ground and gotten it to the point of having all the walls framed, our time was now at an end. Plans were made to get the structure to the point of having a roof on it before the snow came. We rejoiced at having been a part of it and set in for our final day. The view below shows the layout of the new structure beside the old.

Lunch in the cluttered room at the back of the old church building. Not luxurious in appointement, but it had certainly been rich in fellowship. This was one of my most treasured times of community in dedication to a common task. It had been great fun. Around the room: Jeff talking with Harry Espy on the couch, Jo Allison, Nan Weaver of the church family there, Warren Woolf, and the Weaver children in the foreground. Nan had come to pick us up in Anchorage and had stuck through the whole process with us.

It was a good final night of fellowship with the people of Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church.

The Woolfs and Rod and Jeff would be leaving in the morning while the Allisons and Harry would stay over until Wednesday.

In the final days, they managed to get the trusses up, so that we left the church folks ready to put on the roof decking and roofing to dry the structure for the winter.

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