Flight Over Denali

August 29, 1991
When we lifted off from Fairbanks, we immediately got a panoramic view of snowcaps. But nothing like what we were headed for. At below left, we got a look to the south of the mountains around Denali.

With my nose pressed against the window, anxiously awaiting the view of Denali, I noticed a road in what had been trackless wilderness. I thought "Hey, that might be the Denali Park Road!" so I snapped a couple of shots of it. Sure enough, upon analysis, I had captured a picture of the road at Toklat, above, one of the places we had stopped on our bus tour of Denali Park. The view below is of the Stony Hill area, where we first viewed Denali on our bus ride through the park.

View of Denali from Stony Hill

The view below is one of the mountains in the distance in the broader view above.

On to Muldrow Glacier

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