Flight Over Denali

August 29, 1991

When we flew over the Denali Park Road, I knew we were close to the mountain itself.

I recognized the glacial morrain of the Muldrow Glacier from pictures I had seen in the past fiew days. A glacier piles up mounds of debris called a morrain at the end of the glacier if it ends by melting in a valley. I knew Denali was at the top of that Glacier!

The chance to photograph Denali was just too much for a camera nut like Rod to pass up. The plane was not too crowded, so he could position himself at a clear window and snap away as we passed by the peak.

Click on any of the dashed squares at left to see that viewpoint.

Our flight path now parallels the morrain of the Muldrow Glacier.

We are reaching the place where the flow of the ice meets the morrain.

Further up the Muldrow Glacier you get the krinkling effect of the forced flow, producing the large crevasses. The snow deepens with the rising elevation. Notice the recent avalanche scour on the mountainside.

As the mountains rose, great mounds of snow cover them.

On toward Denali peak

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