Visiting Sherry in the Florida Keys

August 31, 1991

Seeing rain squalls like this makes you feel like you are in Florida. We are approaching the Florida Keys on the Turnpike.

The day after Jeff and Rod returned from Alaska, we headed for the Florida Keys to visit Sherry. This is the house she is renting on Tavernier Key.

On September 1, Sherry took Brenda and Rod for a walk along the beach where she has kept a turtle watch this summer. She flags the nests and watches for young to help them to the water.

A grey heron.

We saw white herons, grey herons, white and black ibis, and other water birds. It was a good bird-watching walk.

Sherry had gotten to know the people living along the beach and they had been quite cooperative with her conservation efforts.

September 2

Mark and Marty try their hand at fishing in the canal. This pelican shows up almost immediately to check out what they are doing.

Soon they had collected a whole crowd of onlookers. These guys knew what was going on.

These herons were not a bit timid. You had to watch your bait carefully, and maybe even your toenails.

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