Denali Park, Alaska

Polychrome Pass

August 11, 1992

The Denali tour bus stopped at the remarkable area known as Polychrome Pass. The braided glacial river appeared to come in its meandering path from the distant colorful bare mountians.

It was explained to us that the rivers which come from the glaciers carry such a burden of suspended material that the depositing of that material repeatedly fills up the watercourse, causing the stream to keep shifting. The multiple watercourses do remind you of braids.

As we stood there enjoying the scenery, several other yellow busses came through. We saw them disappear into the gentle hills on the dirt road cut into the sides of the slopes.
The look of this squirrel perhaps gives you an idea of the severity of the winter to come. He certainly looks prepared - so fat his skin must be tight! But he is still on the lookout for more food.
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