Fall Festival of Marriage, Ridgecrest

October 23-25, 1992

We took probably the largest group we have ever taken to the Fall Festival of Marriage at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly near Asheville, North Carolina. The weather was relaxing and beautiful and it was a relaxing occasion.

We had a nice walk up the mountains behind the Ridgecrest Assembly to look at the surrounding mountains.

These mountains bring back lots of mountain memories from our courtship days and the student weeks at Ridgecrest. These mountains contributed to our attraction to Bent Tree since the mountain vistas are sort of like North Carolina.

Part of our group in the Ridgecrest cafeteria. Left Derinda Moore, Gerald and Jenifer Sibley. Right side Keith and Angie Hughes, Rex and Leslie Landers Pair, David Moore.

More of the group: Left Pierce and Deborah McWaters, Rod, Lloyd Ogburn, Right Elizabeth Ogburn, Lisa Kesler, Michelle and Keith McBroom.

Group out on the front grounds of Ridgecrest. LR Gerald and Jenifer Sibley, David and Derinda Moore, ?, Rex and Leslie Pair, David and Lisa Kesler, Keith and Angie Hughes

Back in the Ridgecrest worship center, Keith and Angie Hughes, David and Derinda Moore. One row back, Rod, Neil and Gayle Hunter.

Jeff's Concert at Kennesaw

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