Jeff and Mark started out the year by plowing up the front yard for reseeding.

Atlanta skyline on Rod's drive to work Jan 17.

Brenda is off to Chicago for an AACC Board meeting on January 17.

Other winter events included Mark building an RA Racer track to Jeff's bungee jumping trip.

March brought the last graduation of the GBH School of Nursing.

Jeff played the role of Jesus in the Easter Pageant at Mableton First Baptist. April 18-19.

The Bible study group celebrates Jeff's birthday, May 8.

Family time on Mother's Day, May 10

Brenda off to "The Peabody" for a meeting on May 14.

Celebrating over a year of Saturday night Bible studies at our house.

We bought the house at 1531 Moody Lane in April. Mark and friends put in an irrigation system there in June. Brenda's mother bought a motorhome in June and we celebrated with a picnic in it at Sweetwater Park.

We gathered at Mama's on July 4 for a family celebration.

On August 1, Rod was off to RPI in Troy, New York for an instructional software conference.

A big experience of this year was Rod and Brenda's trip to Kenai, Alaska to continue work on the Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church with the Georgia Tech BSU alumni group. Rod had come with Jeff last year for the start of the Mt. Redoubt project.

This year, Brenda and Rod and Max and Anita Hardie made a trip to Denali Park before the start of the construction. On August 11 we traveled on a yellow schoolbus through Denali Park with a notable stop at Polychrome Pass. We got to see grizzlies, ptarmigan, caribou and finally got a view of the mountain Denali . We continued to the gold mining camp at Kantishna and got good views on the return trip. Of note were the glacial rivers, which we called "braided rivers".

From Denali Park we went to Fairbanks and took a tour on the riverboat Discovery. Then we headed to Big Delta and down the Richardson Highway, with view of fabulous mountain scenery. We paralleled the Alaska Pipeline for some distance. We traveled through the Matanuska Valley to Anchorage and visited the Portage Glacier on the way to the Kenai Peninsula.

We began work on the Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church on August 15. One of the things that happened while we were working on the church was the eruption of Mt. Spurr on August 18.

We were working on wall construction on August 22. We got our first clear views of Mt. Redoubt on August 24. Finishing or our work there on August 26, we made a trip to Homer on August 27.

After the construction, we traveled to Seward for a tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park on August 28. This included visits to Bear Glacier, Cheval Island and Holgate Glacier and views of whales, puffins and sea lions.

We spent the night in Seward and on August 29 we headed north, stopping briefly at Ptarmigan Creek to see a salmon run. We revisited the Portage Glacier and then put the car on a flatbed traincar to Whittier where we caught the car ferry to Valdez. We visited the Columbia Glacier on the way to Valdez.

From Valdez we drove to Chistochina on the Glenn Highway on August 30 and then returned down the Matanuska Valley through Palmer to Anchorage. We had a farewell dinner there with a number of the construction team before parting company.

Brenda attended alumni day for the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, September 11-12.

On September 20, Brenda left for Las Vegas for a meeting of the American Association for Continuity of Care.

We had a gathering of the Physics and Astronomy faculty of GSU in early October.

Mama and Sherry make the move to Florida.

We had a Sunday School social at our house during October.

A woodcutting day in October.

A special emphasis on GAs at MFBC, October

The FBC Mableton singles group launch a game of Trivial Pursuit.

A sizable group from Mableton First Baptist went to Ridgecrest for the Fall Festival of Marriage.

Jeff's choral group had a concert at Kennesaw State College.

It was just Brenda and the guys for this Thanksgiving.

The Welcome Class, Sunday School Christmas Party.

Jeff continued his Pageant role, playing the role of Jesus in some Christmas drama. at the churdh during December.

We celebrated Jeff's graduation from Kennesaw in December.

December was a time of celebration with other events.

We celebrated Christmas with the family.

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