Beginning work on Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church

August 15, 1992

We jumped right in to work on the bottom floor of the church building.Don Hammonds and Warren Woolf put in insulation over the lower concrete block wall.

Harry Espy, Anita Hardie and Gene Allison come behind them with sheetrock on the lower half of the wall.

Brenda Nave and Warren Woolf seem to be having a good time putting in the insulation on the upper part of the walls. These walls have already been sprayed with foam to give them a good seal.

For part of the day Anita Hardie worked with Harry Espy to get the bottom row of sheetrock in. Then she and Brenda Nave worked on the insulation for the top part of the wall.

Brenda and Anita work on styrofoam insulation over the concrete block while Rod and Max begin construction on the front stairwell.

It was a long first day, but we had great fun working together. Pastor Roy Moore (third from left) came by to check on us at the end of the day. This is the room we gathered in for food and fellowship. Shown are Don Hammonds, Harry Espy, Roy Moore, Sue Woolf, Brenda Nave, Warren Woolf.

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