Sunday at Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church

August 16, 1992

We joined the members of the congregation of Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church for Sunday worship. Since we were sleeping in the building, we didn't have far to travel to church. We enjoyed the children and the friendliness of the folks.

Brenda settles into a pew with some of the members of Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church for Sunday morning worship in their existing sanctuary.

Our team members make up a good part of this side of the congregation. Left back are Warren and Sue Woolf, with Harry Espy and Don Hammonds in front of them. Then Gene and Jo Allison are in the right back.

The children come up to take the offering. The Jarvis granddaughter, Corie Weaver, Amanda Weaver, Wayne Weaver, Brandon Chenault.

The children gather to sing "Jesus Loves Me". Misty Soares, Corie Weaver, Amanda Weaver, Alicia Chenault, Justin Weaver, Brandon Chenault, Jarvis granddaughter.

Paul Hampton, interim pastor, does a children's sermon for the kids. They then go back to their Sunday School.

After the service, we have some time of fellowship with the members of the congregation. Max Hardie here holds Justin Weaver, who had become a fast friend. Gene Allison in background.

Back to work on Monday, August 17

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