Back to Work at Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church

August 17, 1992

Brenda and Anita continue with the insulation process.

Maybe this was not the type of work that Brenda and Anita do often, but they took to it with a will and with enthusiasm. We were trying to get this bottom level insulated and finished so that they could use it during the winter.

At the first sign of sunshine, we head over across the street to the bluff bank overlooking the Cook Inlet with the hope that we can see some of the mountains. Brenda and Warren are standing at the entrance to the path to the bluff among the everpresent Alaska willows.

We gathered just about the whole crew to look over the Cook Inlet. Beyond the tree is Anita Hardie. This side, Warren Woolf, Brenda Nave, Jo Allison, Curtis Martin.

We finally got a fairly clear view of the volcanic Mt. Redoubt across the Cook Inlet.

After our very short sightseeing trip, it was back to work on the stairwell. As part of building the front stairwell to code, the top platform had to be shortened to acommodate the step treads required. Rod wound up sawing off a support member. At least he didn't saw it off behind him.

Surely this is not the way the pros would do it, but we didn't have any of them with us. The skilsaw wouldn't make it all the way through the stock, so Rod is finishing the job with a handsaw, with Max hanging on to his feet.

Lunchtime! One of the high points of the day. It was a pleasure to work with such a congenial group. At left is a shot of the church, both old and new with some of the wildflowers around the front of the area.

Brenda and Anita nailing sheetrock to fill in a regular pattern of nailing. It was just nailed with a few nails when it was hung. Below, Dan Cox is putting in the metal flexible conduit for the ceiling fixtures as required by the code.

Anita, Rod and Max inspect the front stairwell. We can now walk to the upper floor rather than climb a ladder. Below, Rod and Max are completing the wall sections around the stairwell so that it can be closed off with sheetrock and a door so that the bottom floor can be used while completing the upper floor.

We have really put the ladies to work this year in the construction. Brenda and Anita worked on nailing sheetrock and then they all worked on pulling wire through the flexible metal conduit.

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