Work at Mt. Redoubt Baptist Church

August 18, 1992

Mark Barnette brought us a beautiful baked silver salmon for our meal. He does a lot of fishing and a lot of canning and smoking of salmon. Sue Woolf looks on approvingly. Sue and Jo Allison kept us well fed and cared for.

Brenda and Anita continue with the pulling of wires through the conduit under the direction of Curtis Martin. Curtis has been able to work with Dan Cox to get the material needed to lay out the wiring. Rod and Warren are building the back stairwell and constructed a triangular wall section for side support of the upper stair. Note that it is cool enough for all of us to be dressed in flannel or sweatshirts on this August morning.

Max, Don, Harry and Gene have gone into production putting up the ceiling sheetrock. Max and Don screw up the sheetrock after it is in place. Max and Gene below are using a T-bar to position and hold the sheetrock overhead.

Don and Harry and Max made good use of the T-bars to position the sheetrock on the ceiling. The work went pretty fast, buty when you have done this all day long you know you have done a day's work.

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