Brenda to Chicago with AACC

January 17. 1992

Brenda is on her way to Chicago for a national board meeting of the American Association for Continuity of Care. ABC Home Health was taking their corporate jet and offered her a ride.

Mark Wickline, Kathy Buell, Brenda and Debbie Hutchison ready to board the ABC jet for Chicago. Mark and Kathy are with ABC, and Kathy is on the AACC Board with Brenda and Debbie.

Brenda in the seating area of the ABC jet. It was like a large RV with wings.

The cockpit area is easily accessable from the passenger area, so they got to know the pilot. It was a smooth flight to Chicago, but they landed on a runway that had 18 inches of snow around it. She encountered up to three feet of snow while she was there.

While Brenda was in Chicago with three feet of snow, we had one of the rare Atlanta snows. Above are berries on our pyracantha bush. Below is a view across our front yard, the front yard seeding project having been interrupted by this snow.

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