Winter Events

February - March, 1992

Mark built us an RA Racer track for the church in his spare time in less than two days. We had been borrowing the track from Scout Troop 531, and it was nice to have our own. The RA Racer Derby is a big thing for the boys of the church. We had the race the next day after he finished the track. February 4.

Below, Andrea leads songs for the Saturday night Bible study. Andrea was a fellow student with Jeff at Kennesaw. Februrary 8.

Brenda with coworker Rita Mack in the kitchen of the Discharge Planning office, of which Brenda is Director. February 1992.

Brenda with Thelma Erickson, her supervisor.

Marty and Jeff's Bungee Jumping Trip, March 1992

Marty and Jeff took off to Alabama where they had heard about this bungee jumping site using a huge crane. Jeff is being fitted out for his jump.

The photo record of Jeff's bungee jump.

Easter Pageant

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