Rod's Meeting at RPI in New York

Aug 1-4, 1992

Rod is on his way to Troy, New York for a conference at RPI. It is always a joy just to look at things on the ground.

I was enjoying shooting pictures of the neat rivers, etc. and didn't realize until after the trip that I had shot a picture of the RPI campus from the air on the way into the Albany Airport.

A neat patchwork of fields and towns and rivers in New York.

This is the Hudson River north of Albany, New York. My destination in Troy, NY is just up the Hudson River from Albany.

Jack Wilson of RPI leads in a workshop on the CUPLE physics learning environment. There were a lot of intense discussions of the development of the learning software in the authoring environment of Toolbook on DOS machines. Joe Redish is on Jack's right. I learned a great deal from both of them about frameworks for interactive learning environments. August 2.

I tried Toolbook and learned from it, but I preferred the Mac environment so I started developing similar things in HyperCard on the Mac. Later it was to be ported over to HTML as the Internet began to grow and became my HyperPhysics environment. The groundwork for HyperPhysics was begun in conferences like this from about 1988 to 1992.

We stayed in the dormitories of RPI. The sessions were in the computer laboratory. On August 3 we had some free time in the afternoon and I drove up into rural Vermont. I had never been there and found it to be very beautiful country.

Off to Alaska!

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