Sea Lions on the Chiswell Islands

August 28, 1992

We found a sizable colony of sea lions on the small outer island of the Chiswell group.

This is a view back northward to the rocky islands we had passed. We were nearing the southern extreme of our tour in and approached the Chiswell Islands.

The golden coats of these sea lions gleam in the sun. I had never thought of sea lions as being beautiful, but these were noble creatures.

Sea lions soaking up some sun on the bare rocks of the Chiswell Islands.

Gaps between the rocky islands gave us interesting views of the distant mountainous shoreline.

On our way back northward toward Seward, we got nice views of the Harding ice field up on the top since the clouds had cleared away a little.

We also got another nice view of Bear Glacier as we approached Seward. It had been a memorable day - more large ocean creatures than I had seen on any day in my life.

From Seward to Whittier

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