Family Christmas Gathering

December 25, 1992

Jeff and Mark arrived and we gathered in the living room for a little gift exchange before the other expected family arrived.

You'd expect some kind of clowning around from these two hairy guys. They both wound up with several extra bows affixed to their clothing from the gifts.

Marty soon arrived to join the fun.

Of course we put Marty right to work taking pictures.

We are gathering at the table now. Wesley and Barbara have arrived to join us.

With a fine Christmas dinner like this set before us, I've got to finish up with this picture taking.

One more picture to get Bonnie and Andy. Now let's bless the food!

After dinner we relaxed downstairs for a while. On couch Jeff, Rana, Mark, Wes, Barbara, Denise. On floor Rod, Brenda, Bonnie, Roger. Andy was taking the picture.

An opportunity for a portrait of Brenda and Bonnie in the living room.

Brenda and Rod are enjoying this time together, but the cat definitely has his doubts about the whole process.

Jeff to New Orleans

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