Jeff to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

January, 1993

In January we made the trip to New Orleans to the campus of NOBTS where Jeff prepared to start his seminary education. The campus is characterized by these red brick buildings with lots of live oak and cypress trees with hanging Spanish moss. Jeff enters Dodd Hall, one of the dormitories.

Jeff and good friend Marty Dye had just graduated from Kennesaw College, Jeff with a degree in Psychology and Marty with a degree in either English or Journalism I think. Marty had written a column "The Dye is Cast" for the Kennesaw student newspaper. This marked a time of separation for Jeff and Marty, who had hung around a lot together since their days of working at Six Flags together.

On another trip to New Orleans, we helped Jeff get set up in Lipsey Hall.

Jeff settles into his dormitory room at NOBTS. We took along the computer cabinet that we had built, which fit nicely into the corner.

These trips gave Brenda the opportunity to explore New Orleans for the first time. We enjoyed the riverwalk along the Mississippi River.
The spreading arms of live oaks, parks along the canals, and above-ground cemetaries. New Orleans has beauty and grace, but is a little strange!

Gatherings at our house

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