In January Jeff makes the move to New Orleans to attend the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Winter gatherings at our house.

We had a snowstorm on March 14, part of what was later called the "Storm of the Century"

We had a nice Easter dinner at our house on April 11. We celebrated Mark's birthday on April 13.

May events included a trip to Orlando for Brenda.

We spent August 6 -27 in the Northwest. We flew into Portland and drove to Boise, Idaho for Rod's AAPT meeting. We visited a fantastic rose garden in the city. Leaving there, we drove across Idaho to Montana and Glacier National Park. While there we hiked from Logan Pass to the Hidden Lake Overlook.

An early morning spent at Mt. Ranier on August 19 was a special treat. We then traveled to Mt. St. Helens and to the Quartz Creek big trees.

We went to Albany, Oregon to meet Wanda and Charles and made a trip to the Oregon Coast. On our last day, we celebrated Brenda's birthday.

We had a gathering for fishing at the Payne's for the RAs and family members.

Fall events included another Orlando trip for Brenda, a visit with Rod's sister Dorothy, and Brenda and Bonnie in the Race for the Cure.

We had an RA gathering at the Payne's for fishing and a cookout.

Suzanne Lassiter celebrates her graduation from Nursing School in November.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at our house.

We enjoyed a Christmas Eve celebration at Grandmother's house.
We had greetings from Dave and Vicki from Denver

Then Christmas day at home and a dinner on the 26th.

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