Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

August 14, 1993
From the approach to Logan Pass you can see the road cut into the Garden Wall almost all the way back to The Loop.

We had seen mountain goats at Logan Pass on our previous visit, so we were watching. We didn't have to wait long - a crowd gathered at one of the turnouts signalled a major goat-jam.

This large male certainly did not seem afraid - more like resignation to something he had seen many times before. He did cut a fine figure against the background of the mountains.

The female above had a young kid with her as well as an older youngster. They just moved slowly through the evergreen shrubs away from the largest collection of people, but never seemed alarmed. We reflected that this latest generation of mountain goats at Glacier may have learned that there is relative safety for the young around all the people. At least the wolves and the mountain lions shun human presence.

The mountain goats are comfortable upon the steep rocky walls of the Logan Pass area.

This is the view back across the valley, with the Garden Wall on the right. The central view is toward The Loop. You can see the road cut going around the mountain on the right, and then its continuation in the distance into The Loop. The inclined road down from The Loop is bareley visible. This was from the area where we were watching the goats.

These Columbian ground squirrels are the sentinels of the Logan Pass Visitor Center, ever vigilant for a handout or an inattentive picnicer. The one at bottom left has made its home in the small landscaped area between the sidewalk and the entrance door.

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