Glacier National Park

August 14, 1993

We left early to enter Glacier National Park. The first stop was Lake McDonald.

Glacier is a favorite place of ours since our first visit here on the 1982 trip. We love the birch trees, and we remembered these from our last trip.

The most rapidly spreading story about the trip at home was about Rod's mishap at McDonald Creek. After taking the picture below, he stuck his wideangle lens in its case in his jacket pocket. It fell out and rolled down three or four stairsteps of rock and fell in the creek and started floating down toward a small rapid. Rod scrambled around to the water and got a stick to fish it out, but the rock he was standing on was extremely slippery and he went backward into the creek up to his neck. He did retrieve the lens in its case.

This is the view from inside the first tunnel on the lower side of The Loop, Going-to-the-Sun Road. You could see a great expanse of unspoiled forest.

From the upper part of The Loop you can see down McDonald Creek and watch cars coming up the way we came. It is the approach road to The Loop.

The road is cut into the steep side of the mountain. Looking down definitely gives you a feeling of vertigo. At points there is a 2000 foot drop. This area of the road is called the Garden Wall. You can still see the approach road along McDonald Creek from here.

Logan Pass and Hidden Lake

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