RA Fishing at the Paynes

September, 1993

Looking back, my best guess is that this RA outing was in September of 1993. Jesse and Sara Payne invited the RAs to their house to fish in the pond by their house. David Payne had worked with the RAs as his son (Jesse's grandson) Daniel and Jeremy Beasley (grandson).

We had arranged for the RA outing, but unfortunately only one of the RAs, Michael Weaver, showed up to participate. He must have liked it since for the next fishing trip, we had a crowd of boys! David Payne was our fishing coach, and his daughter Melanie took part.

David helps Michael get his fishing tackle set up, and very soon he had caught a nice catfish.

With that early success, both Michael and David were back to fishing.

Soon they had another nice fish.

Michael celebrates the nice catch!

David's daughter Melanie gets into the action with a really nice catfish.

Now the youngest member of the family drags a catfish onto the bank!

They seem right at home on Granddad's fishing dock.

A relaxing time of fishing.

Before long Michael pulls out another nice catfish.

Now that's a nice catfish!

Michael Weaver really had a great evening of fishing. We imagine that he talked about it to the other boys - we had a lot of boys the next time we had a fishing outing at the Paynes.

Sara Payne looks on as we finish up the evening's fishing activity. We certainly appreciated the generosity of the Paynes in letting us use the pond for the RA activities.

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