Christmas 1993

December 24, 1993

We gathered at Grandmother's house for our traditional Christmas Eve celebration. There was lots of clowning around with Mama as we prepared to open gifts.

Callie the cat takes in the whole process from her post by the fireplace.

Sherry and Brenda with Mama in the rocking chair, showing off the mantle decorations.

Matthew waits patiently with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Andy and Grandpa Roger.

Mark, Rod and Brenda.

Andy and Bonnie.

Andy, Bonnie, Mark and Roger covered up with gifts.

Mama with all her children. Clockwise from left front: Brenda, Wesley, Denise, Sherry, Bonnie.

Denise plays for us as we sing carols and all kinds of Christmas songs. The gag song was always "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer!"

We got this Christmas greeting photograph from Philippe David Nave and Vicki, with daughters Sara and Amanda, in the Denver area.

To Christmas Day

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