May Events 1993

Brenda in Orlando for a National Board Meeting for AACC. Pat O'Hare, Laura Cheney, Debbie Hutchison, Brenda. May 1.

Jeff and Marty all tuxedoed for Steve Davis's wedding. May 15.

Above, Brenda on the grounds of the Marietta Garden Club where Steve Davis's wedding reception was held.

At left, Brenda with Jeff DeMoss and Sandy Davis, Steve's mother.

Jeff, Rod and Brenda at the reception.

We all jump into the task of putting up crossties and reworking the end of our road, which had always been a dirt bank. Now it was closed off with a fence when new houses were built, and we could now landscape it. Brenda works on one of her roses. May 16.

We added another little Macintosh for Brenda in the office so she could work while the Mac 77 is in use.

Off to Portland, Oregon

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