Jeff's Proposal to Darla

Valentine's Day, February 14, 1994

Jeff made elaborate plans to fly up and surprise Darla with a ring. Brenda took roses to Jonesboro High School for Darla during the day with a note saying "Wish I could be there with you." Jeff flew in and drove down to a convenience store a block from Darla's house and called her on the phone at 6:15 pm, a pre-arranged time. She thought he was calling from New Orleans. He asked her if she got her surprise, and she said yes, that the roses were very beautiful. He then asked her if she had gotten her other surprise -- and when she said no, he said "Can you hang on a minute?" He then hung the phone down and ran down the block and knocked on her door. He had trouble getting her to the door, because she was still hanging on. He took her to The Mansion and there gave her the ring.

Jeff had the collusion of his Mom in all this, and of course we were very excited about the whole thing, having fallen very much in love with Darla ourselves. But we were surprised when they called and asked if they could drop by to see us about 10pm. We were deeply touched that they would come out to see us on this special night. We thoroughly enjoyed talking with them about their plans and being able to celebrate with them.

Brenda breaks her kneecap

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