Lakes Louise and Morraine, Alberta, Canada

August 17, 1995

We visited Lake Louise near Banff in the afternoon; we had heard so much about it that we wanted to see it. It was beautiful, and we enjoyed watching the canoes out on the lake. But it was so crowded, we resolved to come back early in the morning.

Early in the morning we made our way to Banff and to the famous Lake Louise. It stood like a mirror in the early morning light. A beautiful jewell of a lake.

As the crowd grew at ever-popular Lake Louise, we drove to nearby Morraine Lake, which was nestled in the mountains. We liked it even better.

We walked a short, rocky trail to Lake Morraine and spent an hour or so admiring its idyllic beauty. The little wisps of cloud over the mountain enhance the feeling of depth, and set off the blue water.

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