Rod had an AAPT meeting in Orlando, so we visited Disney on January 17.

Jeff came from New Orleans for a quick visit on January 19.

Our church had a Dream Retreat on February 5 to dream about future plans.

On February 8 we had our annual RA Racer Derby.

Johnny and I took three RAs to the RA Camporee at Camp Kaleo in April

Fishing is popular with the boys right now, and we had a successful fishing trip to Bent Tree.

Jeff and Darla came up for a family visit on June 8.

Jeff was ordained to the ministry on July 9.

A view of Rod's Multimedia Laboratory on August 4.

On August 5 we head out for Spokane, Washington for Rod's AAPT meeting.

We head through Glacier National Park on August 12.

We met up with Jeff and Darla at Waterton Park and toured around on August 13.

The road to Cameron Lake from Waterton Village is called the Akamina Parkway. We saw a bighorn sheep along that road, and enjoyed the wildflowers.

On August 14, Rod and Brenda and Jeff and Darla drove to Cameron Lake and hiked the memorable Carthew Trail from Cameron Lake to Waterton Village.

After the memorable Carthew Trail hike with Jeff and Darla, we headed on up into Alberta to Banff and Lake Louise. August 17.

We had a great celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Warren and Sue Woolf on September 3.

Brenda's article was published in the September issue of Home Health Care

Brenda attended the GBH Alumni Day on September 8.

In memory of Bob Hankla Bob Hankla who died teaching a physics class on October 6.

Brenda had her big national meeting of AACC in New Orleans on Sep 14-16.

Brenda and Bonnie were featured in the "Can't Wait for a Cure" display on October 11.

We had a social for the Physics and Astronomy Department at the Nelson's on October 14.

Mark comes by on motorcyle on October 15

We worked with the Fall Festival of Marriage on October 21.

Our Sunday School class went to Bent Tree on October 28.

Fall RA hike at Bent Tree

On November 9, Brenda was off to Washington, D.C. for a Nursing meeting and then presents at the Medtrade meeting.

We enjoyed a nice family gathering for Thanksgiving.

We had our traditional Christmas Party for the Physics and Astronomy Department on December 7

Edgar and Paul made a visit in December.

Our December RA Breakfast brought our RA activities for the year to a close.

Christmastime brought a visit with Mark and a nice snow.

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