The Akamina Parkway

August 15, 1995

The Akamina Parkway from Waterton Village to Cameron Lake is a very nice drive with lots of wildflowers. Along the road we came upon this bighorn ram, who let us get pretty close to him. The wildlife is generally quite tame in Waterton Park.

With these massive horns, I was glad he wasn't belligerant. If he had acted the least bit upset, I would have hotfooted it back to the car. But he seemed quite calm, and probably very accustomed to being photographed.

Having never been this close to a bighorn before, I marveled at the intricate layering of the horns. And his eyes look just like those of domestic sheep.

Turning now to smaller game, this beefly ( I think it would be called a syrphid fly) is trying to look very much like a bee on this flower.

The Akamina Parkway is worth driving just for the wildflowers. This brilliant indian paintbrush stood out on the roadside. The purple flowers look like asters, but the centers are different.

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