Waterton Village to Field, Alberta, Canada

August 16, 1995

Heading north from Waterton Park, we passed through Pincher Creek and moved through rolling cattle land, with wheat and hay fields.

Rolling plains gave way to higher hills and we could see the mountains of Alberta in the distance. This wide sweep contains cows in the near field, a field of hay and then a working oil well pumping in the distance.

After crossing the region of rolling plain, we entered mountains again in Alberta. We enjoyed the view of this stand of birches and the mountains behind.

We moved through a large forest on the way into the higher mountains. We watched a thunderstorm build over the mountains.

Rugged mountains like this are certainly a novelty to us. We liked the neat snow patters up on the peak and the multiple tiers of mountains which could be seen behind it.

We ran across this bighorn just drinking out of a puddle alongside the highway.

Returning to our lodgings in Field, we encountered this beautiful view of the mountains at sunset.

To Lake Louise and Morraine Lake

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