Thanksgiving 1995

November 23, 1995

Jeff and Darla made it in from New Orleans, and Sherry from the Keys, so with the local folks we had a large gathering for Thanksgiving.

Stacy and Darnell, Bonnie and Andy, and Marty Dye gathered for Thanksgiving dinner.

With fairly warm weather, we revived an old family tradition of throwint footballs, frisbees and other sailing objects in the driveway and on the road.

Gathering in the Rec room for snacks, Sandi Cain takes a turn at the pool table. Stacy, Sherry and Brenda relax with their snacks.

Mark and Sherry look at the Carthew Trail album from our August trip. They have lots of kibitzers.

Group shot with Wesley, Stacy, Darnell, Mark, Sandi, Rod, Jeff.

Stacy, Darnell, Sherry and Darla in the office, checking out the computer games.

Jeff, Rod and Wesley mix pool with TV watching.

Mark, Sandi and Bonnie engage in the main activity of the day.

November 24

Darla and Jeff have breakfast before they have to head out back to New Orleans

November 25

Clayton and Ellen Teague stop by on their swing to Florida and then back north to DC via Bowden, Clayton's old homeplace.

Brenda had just seen them in Washington a few weeks earlier.

Physics and Astronomy party

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