Brenda Receives Sarah Craig Award from AACC

September 27, 1997

Brenda flew to Chicago in September and attended the National meeting of the American Association for Continuity of Care. She was awarded the Sarah Craig Leadership Award at that meeting.

Brenda had been progressively more involved in the Georgia and national AACC organization over the past few years. It came about naturally with her being the director of the Continuity of Care Department at Georgia Baptist Medical Center and its successor, Atlanta Medical Center. Sarah Craig was the first national president of AACC, and this award recognized service to the organization. Brendas increasing involvement had led to her becoming national president of AACC in 1995 .

Here Brenda is shown with Sarah Craig, on the right (her left), at the 1995 National AACC meeting in New Orleans. On the left is Agnes McBroom of California.

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