The "tear out the kitchen" party

October 19, 1998

The time had come to tear out the old kitchen to make way for the renovation process. We had the help of Johnny Harris and his Uncle Sun who was visiting. We appreciated Joe Mauldin coming over to help. The bar and first set of cabinets were out, and we started to tear out the remainder.

Rod takes out the plumbing and electrical connections for the dishwasher and range.

As we get ready to rip out more cabinets, Annie and Aunt Merc retreat to the rec room downstairs.

Joe loosens the cabinets over the sink, and he and Johnny and Sun begin to lower the cabinets over the refrigerator.

In the hands of Johnny, Sun and Joe, a big piece of the old kitchen comes down.

We removed the sink and sink plumbing and the base and wall cabinets on that wall. We kept having to move the brand-new refrigerator to keep it out of the path of destruction.

Joe helps carry a section of cabinets out. I plan to use them in the new shop. The sink and cabinets along the back wall are now out and Joe is working on taking out the old partition wall between kitchen and dining room.

Rod and Johnny take down the sheetrock, and Joe and Rod take down the last piece of the partition that stood between the old kitchen and dining room.

There was now a stripped wall where the kitchen had stood for 45 years. All this destruction had made us thirsty, so we connected the new refrigerator in the middle of the floor and got some ice for a drink of water.

One last look at the area that had been our breakfast room, kitchen, and partition wall between kitchen and dining room. Big things were about to happen.

Only the new refrigerator and dishwasher which had been purchased for the new construction now stood in the space formerly occupied by our kitchen and the wall separating it from the dining room. The dining room would now be expanded and we had cleared the way for the continuation of the renovation.

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