Rod continued the practice of having a Men and Boys Breakfast and an activity for the RAs at church on the first Saturday of the month. On January 3, he and Johnny Huffman just had two boys to make the trip up to Bent Tree, but caught conditions just right to catch snow and a good collection of icicles at the ice falls location.

On January 24, Shirley and Ronnie Howard came to visit. Ronnie had been in Georgia all week, making calls on customers for his trucking company. Shirley flew down on Friday night to spend the weekend and see the Picasso exhibit at the art museum. They brought pictures of granddaughter Menley and tales of the blessings of being grandparents.

  • Bright-eyed Menley on the floor
  • Jennifer and Menley at Missouri Lodge
  • On February 22 we had the Ordination Service for David Moore. It was a moving worship service and there was a great feeling of oneness and affection for the Moore family.

  • Moores and Family after service
  • Moores with Pastor Tim and Debbie
  • Rod and Brenda traveled to Ridgecrest, North Carolina on the weekend of March 20-22 to attend a Couples Experiencing God workshop led by Henry and Marilynn Blackaby.

    On March 23, Ashleigh Carolyn Nave was born to Darla and Jeff in New Orleans. Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Rod left early on March 24 to go to New Orleans to see their first grandchild.

  • Rod holding Ashleigh at home
  • Rod on couch with Ashleigh
  • Grandpa holding a tiny hand
  • Grandparents Moyle hold Ashleigh
  • Wide awake in Brenda's arms.
  • Ashleigh stretched out on blanket
  • Jeff gives Ashleigh a massage
  • Ashleigh: does she look like her father?
  • On June 24, Darla took Ashleigh for her first photo session.

    On August 14 we picked up Jeff, Darla and Ashleigh at the Atlanta Airport for a weekend visit.

    We traveled to Owensboro, Kentucky for the celebration of Orvetta's 90th birthday on August 26!

    September activities included an RA fishing trip, a homecoming at Mableton First Baptist, and a Marriage Enrichment conference at Toccoa.

    On the weekend of September 25, Hurricane Georges impacted our lives.

    Approaching the completion of our renovation was our big Christmas present this year.

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