RA Campout at Bent Tree

December 3-4, 1998

Rod, Johnny Huffman and Ray Collier, Jr. took a bunch of RAs up to Bent Tree for and overnight. We usually do it in November because its cold enough to enjoy a campfire. Obviously it's not too cold here even at the first of December, but they seem to be having fun.

Sidney, Clint Collier, ?, Devin Powell, Matthew Bryant, Buddy Stephens.

A dog wandered into our campsite, and Buddy enjoyed playing with it.

Our plan after breakfast was to hike up Big Stump Mountain, but when we got out on Chestnut Cove Trail, we found that we would have to do it in a heavy fog. Buddy, Arturo Hatten, Sidney.

We left Chestnut Cove Trail and headed up into the foggy woods.

We encouraged the boys to explore and look at things. Devin and ? have found a salamander.

We climbed about halfway up the steep slope and stopped by a log for a water break.

After the water break, Sidney was poking in the rotten stump to see what kind of critters he could find.

In the midst of the fog, we prepared to push on up the mountain.

The guys struggled up this steep slope until they got to the rock ridge, which marks the end of the steepest part.

At the ridge

At the ridge.

It is an easy walk from the rock ridge to the top of Big Stump Mountain at 3000ft. But when we got there the fog was so dense we couldn't see anything, so we headed back down to the house.

From the house we drove down to the beach and let them fish a while. It was pretty clear there, but you could see the fog up on the mountain where we had come from.

After our traditional peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich lunch, we tried a group shot. But it was a contest of how many rabbit ears could be produced.

Here's another try.

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