Jeff, Darla and Ashleigh Visit

September, 1998

With hurricane Georges banging around in the Gulf around September 25, we had the blessing of a visit from Jeff, Darla and Ashleigh. Mark had just come off a Caribbean cruise, so he was safe as well. Sherry had evacuated from the Keys to Denise's in Cape Coral, then from there to mid-Florida before the threat eased. So all were safe.

Ashleigh seemed to be a happy traveler, especially when she was with Mom.

Ashleigh sits easily.

But takes off crawling at good speed when she wants to explore.

Ashleigh explored the rec room, and I think those big blue eyes took in everything.

The visit was short but it was great to get to see them and to see how much Ashleigh had changed in just a month.

Proud Granddad and Grandma and parents, but Ashleigh pretty well slept through this one.

One of the last breakfast times in this setting, which had been in place most of the boys' lives. Within weeks all this was torn out as part of the new room addition.

Granddad and Uncle Mark enjoy playing with Ashleigh. We always think that at about 6 months a young one really becomes playful, and that was playing out here.

The dining room wall turned out to be a good place for portraits, so we all wanted our picture with a happy Ashleigh, who seemed to enjoy all the attention and being passed around.

The storm that brought them to us did indeed bring us a blessing. It was amazing to see how much joy a tiny girl brought into the household.

Continuing with house renovation

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