September Activities

September, 1998

RA Fishing Trip

Our monthly outing for the RAs was a fishing trip to Bent Tree on September 12 after a pancake breakfast at the church.

Gathered in the picnic area near the lake at Bent Tree. Back row has David Phillips with his nephew Vrixton Phillips and Johnny Huffman.

We had a go at fishing from the dock nearest the pavilion. Vrixton shows a fish that he has caught. We had lunch and recreation around Lake Tamarack.

Homecoming at Mableton First Baptist

Church homecoming is always a good time to see some of the young people who have grown up in the church who have come back for this reunion service. Above, Bill Landers and Dana Duncan and wives.

It's also good to get together with our current members. Ken Hunter at left takes advantage of this opportunity for fine home-cooked food.

The homecoming meal is a great time of fellowship. At the table are Marion and Flonnie McTyre, Melissa Cooler at left, Jonathan Cooler at right. Ray Collier, Jr behind, Inez Nichols extreme left.

Fall Festival of Marriage

Karla and Chris Ayers are part of the staff of the Fall Festival of Marriage held at the Toccoa Baptist Assembly. We had worked with them several years on the Fall Festival staffs. We loved the Fall Festivals at Ridgecrest, and wanted to encourage their continuation in Georgia.

The committee divided the tasks necessary for the support of the meetings in the auditorium at Toccoa. Chris and Rod worked with the sound system.

We were pleased that Michelle and Michael Wigley from Mableton First Baptist attended with us this year. We always tried to encourage the young couples to attend since it had meant so much to us over the years.

Approach of Hurricane Georges

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