Brenda to Boston

November 13-17, 1998

Brenda is off to Boston for the national meeting of American Association for the Continuity of Care, of which she was national president in 1995. She had been very active in 1993 and 1994 , leading up to that Presidency.

From her hotel, she did her morning walk through this big downtown park, in which there was this large ice skating rink.

To go to their restaurant for the evening, they rode this real trolley.

Brenda is in the middle of their large group in this very decorated restaurant.

A part of the group seated in the restaurant.

Brenda and Lois Pabst, who was 1994 National President, visit one of the government buildings in Boston. As you would expect in Boston in the fall, it was pouring rain.

On her morning walk through the park, Brenda saw some extraordinary sculptures.

The park was quite large, so she had a vigorous walk each morning.

Brenda with one of the exhibitors at the national meeting.

Brenda in the exhibit area. The exhibitors are part of the lifeline of the meeting in terms of support.

As Past Presidents, Brenda and Lois Pabst take part in the awarding of recognitions.

Beginning the flooring process

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