Digital Components

What are the basic gates which are used in digital circuits?

What three logical operations make up the algebra of digital circuits?

What functions can be constructed from the basic operations? What basic relationships constrain the functions?

What number systems are encountered in digital circuits?

What is DeMorgan's Theorem and why is it so important?

*Basic gates

*Digital concepts

*Boolean operations

*Logical functions

*Theorems of digital logic

*Number systems

*2's complement arithmetic

*DeMorgan's theorem

*DeMorgan applications

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Sequential Logic

What is a flip-flop and what is it good for?

How are clocks implemented in digital storage devices?

How does edge-triggering work?

What is a NAND gate latch? How can it be used to debounce a switch?

How are flip-flops used in serial data transfer? parallel data transfer?

How are synchronous and asynchronous data transfer accomplished?


*Clocked R/S flip-flop

*Clocked D flip-flop

*J-K flip-flop

*Edge triggering

*NAND gate latch

*Switch debouncing

*J-K flip-flop data transfer

*Shift register

*Serial transfer

*Parallel transfer

*Synchronous data transfer

*Asynchronous data transfer

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Sequential Logic

How do you make a binary counter from flip-flops? a decade counter?

How is frequency division accomplished?

What is a full adder? How does it handle the task of adding binary numbers?

*Binary counter

*Decade counter

*Frequency division

*Parallel adder

*Full adder

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