The Journey Outward

  1. How did the Sun come to be?
  2. Resources:
    Gravitational collapseHydrogen fusionMain sequence
  3. What is the anticipated future of the Sun?
  4. Resources:
    Sun's futureRed giantsWhite dwarfs
  5. How does the Sun process compared with other stars?
  6. Resources:
    Stellar evolution optionsNovaeNeutron starsBlack holes
  7. Is there really such a thing as a black hole?
  8. Resources:
    Black hole conditionsSchwarzschild radiusCygnus X-1Magellanic Cloud
  9. How did the heavy elements form?
    Iron limitSupernova collapseNeutrino action
  10. What kind of problems exist with the "big bang theory"?
    Antimatter problemGalaxy formation problemHorizon problemFlatness problem
How do you find out about things you can't see?

Why higher energy?
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