The Nucleus

Desribe the balance of interactions which leads to the stability of nuclei.

Describe the calculation of nuclear binding energy.

Describe the liquid drop model and the shell model of nuclear structure.

Describe the varieties of radioactive decay including alpha, beta, gamma and electron capture.

How can a neutrino be detected?

What are the starting points and end points of the four natural radioactive series?

Describe the energy yield from nuclear fusion.

Describe the interactions with nuclear spin which make it useful in nuclear magnetic resonance.

What is the Mossbauer effect and what can we learn from it?

Describe the types of interaction of radiation as it passes through matter.

Homework set #11

* Forces in the nucleus

Nuclear binding energy

* Radioactivity

* alpha

* beta

* gamma

* electron capture

* neutrino detection

* natural radioactive series

* Mossbauer effect

* Interaction of radiation with matter

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