RLC Parallel Calculation

The frequency dependent impedance of an RLC parallel circuit.
RLC parallel discussion
Expressions for calculation
Parallel resonance
For C = x10^ F = μF = pF
and L = x10^ H = mH = microHenries
at angular frequency ω = x10^ rad/s,
frequency = x10^ Hz = kHz = MHz
and series resistances:
RC = x10^ ohms = kohms = Megohms,
RL = x10^ ohms = kohms = Megohms,

the impedance is

Z = x10^ ohms = kohms = Megohms

at phase φ = degrees.
The resonant condition is
Using the series resonant frequency
Angular frequency ω = x10^ rad/s,
Frequency f = x10^ Hz
Z = x10^ ohms
Phase φ = degrees.
Default values will be entered for unspecified parameters, but all component values can be changed. Click outside the box after entering data to initiate the calculation.
AC behavior of RLC parallel circuit

AC Circuits
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