Transformer Power Calculation

For a supply voltage of volts
at Hz and a primary inductance
L1 = 1 Henry.
Primary turns: NP =
Secondary turns: NS=
Secondary voltage:
Assuming identical geometry, the secondary inductance L2 = H.
Assuming ideal coupling, mutual inductance M = H
Primary winding resistance R1= Ω
Secondary winding resistance R2 = Ω
Secondary load resistance RS= Ω
With the above specified parameters, the calculated values are:
Effective primary resistance RP=Ω
Effective primary reactance XP = Ω
Primary impedance ZP =Ω at °
Secondary impedance Z2 = Ω at °
The power dissipated in the primary winding = W = % of the power.
The power dissipated in the secondary winding = W = % of the power.
The power delivered to the load = W = % of the power.
Notes: Values may be entered for any of the transformer parameters. Default values will be entered for non-specified values, but they can be changed as part of the exploration. Click outside any data field to initiate the calculation.
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