Stephen Jay Gould

Ever Since Darwin

Norton, 1977

About Darwin's theory "an evolutionary theory based on chance variation and natural selection ... a rigidly materialistic (and basically atheistic) version of evolution "

"Before Darwin, we thought that a benevolent God had created us ...biology took away our status as paragons created in the image of God." p 33,147,267

Impeaching a Self-Appointed Judge

Review of Phillip Johnson's "Darwin on Trial", Scientific American, 267:118-121

"Scientists simply cannot by its legitimate methods adjudicate the issue of God's possible superintendence of nature. We neither affirm nor deny it; we simply can't comment on it as scientists."

"In Praise of Charles Darwin"

in "Darwin's Legacy", Harper & Row, 1983

"No intervening spirit watches lovingly over the affairs of nature."

Evidence from nature Is the universe designed?
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