Donald Johnson

Donald Johnson has Ph. D's in Chemistry(Michigan State) and Computer and Informational Sciences (U. Minn.). His second Ph. D. thesis dealt with the functional information in life. Taught information science for 20 years. From the cover of "Probability's Nature...":"Dr Johnson has made Intelligent Design presentations in many locations including the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Until examining the evidence, he believed that anyone doubting the 'proven' evolutionary scenario was of the same mentality as one believing in a flat Earth."

Probability's Nature and Nature's Probability

Booksurge Publishing, 2009

"Since there is no known scientific procedure to generate life in the laboratory, let alone by some unknown prebiotic mechanism, one could assume the probability of life from undirected natural causes is zero. What often is assumed is that since life obviously exists and the only allowable mechanism is undirected and natural, it must have occurred that way, despite the improbability. This is an obvious tautology since the propositions "life exists" and "life can only be the result of undirected natural sources" uses the second proposition to prove itself (the first proposition is obviously true)." p41.

Probability's Nature and Nature's Probability
Programming of Life

Evidence from nature Is the universe designed?
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