Sir Peter Medawar

Advice to a Young Scientist

London, Harper and Row, 1979

"There is no quicker way for a scientist to bring discredit upon himself and upon his profession than roundly to declare - particularly when no declaration of any kind is called for - that science knows, or soon will know, the answers to all questions worth asking, and that questions which do not admit a scientific answer are in some way non-questions or 'pseudo-questions' that only simpletons ask and only the gullible profess to be able to answer. ... The existence of a limit to science is, however, made clear by its inability to answer childlike elementary questions having to do with first and last things - questions such as 'How did everything begin?'; 'What are we all here for?';'What is the point of living?' ." p31

Evidence from nature Is the universe designed?
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