The Bible vs. Science? Or Not!

Joseph McRae (Rae) Mellichamp

Thousand Fields Publishing, 2013

Being only 36 pages long and a 45 minute read is part of Rae's intent, to produce a substantial statement about science and the Bible which can be read in one sitting.

iii He presented a paper at a Yale symposium of 20 invited papers. One of the others was by Anthony Flew. 24 years later Flew wrote "There Is a God". In telling this story he is agreeing with Flew's dictum "Follow the evidence where it leads."

Day 1

p3 Quotes Lennox from "Seven Days That Divide the World"

p4 Timeline

p5 Mentions the frame of reference shift between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis 1.

Day 2

p8 Refers to Ross in "The Genesis Question", now revised as "Navigating Genesis".

p10 Diagram with his time location of the water cycle

Day 3

p11 Continents and plants. Again refers to Ross's "The Genesis Question"

p12 Diagram with a timeline for continents and plants.

p13 Plate tectonics sequence

p14 Refers to Lennox's "God's Undertaker"

Day 4

p17 Again refers to Ross's "The Genesis Question"

p19 Timeline with cloud layer

Day 5

p20 Sea animals, sea mammals, birds

p20 quotes Lennox's "God's Undertaker"

p21 Refers to Meyer's article with Univ of Washington.

p22 Sacking of Sternberg, story of interaction with lecturer

p23 Darwin's tree vs what we see

p24 Date lines for Cambrian, then birds, etc., date range

p24 Behemoth and leviathan, hippo and crocodile

p26 Timeline with sea animals, birds

Day 6

p28 Land animals, man. Refers to Ross in "The Genesis Question"

p29 Refers to Rana and Ross "Who Was Adam?"

p29-30 Discussion of hominids

Day 7

p33 God rested

p34 Final timeline

p36 Joseph Weizenbaum quote "It is not those of us who seek to understand the world from a number of different perspectives, including the scientific one, who prefer ignorance to knowledge. It is those who, blinded by their faith that science can yield 'full' explanations, prefer to remain ignorant of whatever knowledge other ways of knowing the world have to offer." [Joseph Weizenbaum. "The Last Dream" in Across the Board, Vol. 14, No 7(July 1977),pp. 34-46. ]

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