Carl Sagan

Cosmos, 1960.

"The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be."

"A Designer is a natural, appealing and altogether human explanation of the biological world. But as Darwin and Wallace showed, there is another way, equally appealing, equally human, and far more compelling: natural selection, which makes the music of life more beautiful as the aeons pass."

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Sagan, Carl and Druyan, Ann, 1992.

about junk DNA "some, maybe even most, of the genetic instructions must be redundancies, stutters, and untranscribable nonsense. Again we glimpse deep imperfections at the heart of life." p128.

"Life," Encyclopedia Britannica:22, 1997, p964-981.

"The information content of a single cell has been establishe as around 1012 bits, comparable to about a hundred million pages of the Encyclopedia Britannica."
Evidence from nature Is the universe designed?
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